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Personnel Connection | free jobs posting for recruiters and staffing agencies

Personnel Connection Offer a huge diversity of employment opportunities going from wharehouse to Tech as IT, Clerical and administrative positions as well. Personnel Connection where companies and recruiters are available to post their full and part time jobs. You also will be able to find Nationwide job opportunities.

Getting a job with a criminal record

Applying and interviewing for jobs when you have a criminal record can be a frustrating experience...

In the City of DallasThe Small Business Center's FreshStart Employment Program aims to provide current, unemployed, underemployed, seasonally employed, and temporarily employed individuals with criminal backgrounds with the opportunity to obtain full-time employment in the City of Dallas, as well as the support they need to stay in the workforce and thrive.

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Dashboard for Employee Diversity Our commitment to establishing a culture of acceptance, respect, and inclusion for a diverse workforce at the City of Dallas is driven by diversity and inclusion initiatives. HR is committed to transparency, responsibility, and openness.

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